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Famous People with ADHD

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Louis_Smith_2012_balconyWhen your child is diagnosed with ADHD it can be a worry – and I know from experience that bringing up an ADHD kid isn’t easy! When my son was younger I really used to worry about his future – how on earth would he hold down a job when he couldn’t even settle down in class? How would he find a partner or make friends or start a family when he was flying off the handle every five minutes? He’s now a teenager and while he still has ADHD, he has learnt techniques to help him control his behaviour and I am a lot more confident about his future. And he’s in good company – because there are lots of famous, successful people who have either been diagnosed with ADHD or who appear to have the symptoms. Once you see the names on this list, and realise how well they turned out, your mind may feel more at ease about your own ADHD kid!

Some of the famous people with ADHD – or ADHD-like symptoms and behaviours:

WRITERSHans Christian Anderson
Lewis Carroll
Agatha Christie
F Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway
Edgar Allen Poe
George Bernard Shaw
Leo Tolstoy
Jules Verne

Louis Smith
Michael Phelps
Bruce Jenner
Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan
Evil Knievel
Carl Lewis
Babe Ruth

Winston Churchill
Dwight D Eisenhower
Benjamin Franklin
John F Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln
Woodrow Wilson
ACTORSAnn Bancroft
Jim Carrey
Bill Cosby
Tom Cruise
Kirk Douglas
Danny Glover
Whoopi Goldberg
Steve McQueen
Will Smith
Steven Spielberg (director)
Lindsay Wagner
Robin Williams
Harry Belafonte
John Denver
John Lennon
Ozzy Osbourne
Justin Timberlake
Stevie Wonder
ARTISTSSalvador Dali
Leonardo da Vinci
Pablo Picasso
August Rodin
Vincent van Gogh
COMPOSERSLudwig van Beethoven
Georg Frederic Handel
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
BUSINESS ACESRichard Branson
Walt Disney
Henry Ford
Milton Hershey
John D Rockefeller
F W Woolworth
Jamie Oliver
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Michael Faraday
Isaac Newton
Louis Pasteur
Werner von Braun
Frank Lloyd
Orville and Wilbur Wright
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