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ADHD: How it Affects Families

  ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – usually brings with it a lot of frustration and blame. It can be difficult to get a diagnosis fir your child and this can result in serious emotional and mental scars, both for your child and the wider family. When managed well, ADHD can be a gift, […]

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ADHD is NOT about childhood immaturity

Last week the news websites have been full of headlines like “ADHD children may just be immature” and “ADHD is vastly overdiagnosed and many kids are just immature” and “Children diagnosed with ADHD may just be immature for their class”. This follows the release of some research from Taiwan that finds the rate of ADHD diagnosis […]

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Why my book is called The Boy From Hell

Right, before I say anything else I want to get one thing straight. I love my kids and I would never do anything to hurt them – anything. So when I spotted a thread on Facebook talking about how I had ruined my son’s life by calling my book “The Boy From Hell” … well, […]

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How to Organise your Home with Kids Around!

Every parent out there dreams of having a more organised home, but with kids around – especially those that have ADHD – we often think that this is close to impossible. If your goal is to achieve a pristine clean home then chances are that will  never happen but if you are thinking of a […]

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7 Questions That People Ask About ADHD

Understanding everything you can about ADHD makes it much easier to deal with – especially when it comes to talking to other people about it! There are still lots of people who don’t believe it’s real and they might try to catch you out by asking you awkward questions about it! The solution is to […]

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How to Prepare your ADHD Kids for a Transition

For many children – not just those with ADHD living in a structured environment and  following a consistent routine is important. Sometimes it may be a little difficult to encourage kids with ADHD to follow a certain routine but once they get into the habit of it, they can become so committed to it that […]

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Help Your ADHD Child Build Self-Esteem and Combat Negativity

Because children with ADHD show symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattentiveness, they are often reprimanded or “called out” for their behaviour more often compared to other kids of their age. In the home, parents might discipline an ADHD child more often because of inappropriate behaviour and as they get older, their siblings might also […]

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Why It’s Important to Explain Your Child’s ADHD to Teachers

School can be very challenging for children with ADHD and learning disabilities. There are cases where both parents and teachers are unaware that the child has a problem. If a teacher misses the signs of a child’s disability, he or she might blame laziness or poor attitude towards the lack of performance. A kid with […]

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Am I good enough? The dilemma of a parent with an ADHD Kid

You’re tired, you’re exhausted and it feels like you don’t have enough energy to go through the day. You’re emotionally drained and think you’ve done everything you can, but it’s still not enough! You’re beginning to question and doubt yourself and your confidence is fading away fast… As the parent of a child with ADHD, […]

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How to take care of yourself while parenting an ADHD child

Taking care of your ADHD child can be very challenging and exhausting. If you don’t know how to manage your time and even your emotions, it can be very overwhelming. Parenting a child with special needs demands so much from you that you can forget to take care of yourself. No matter how stressful the […]

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