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How to Organise your Home with Kids Around!

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Every parent out there dreams of having a more organised home, but with kids around – especially those that have ADHD – we often think that this is close to impossible. If your goal is to achieve a pristine clean home then chances are that will  never happen but if you are thinking of a more functional home with less clutter then that’s definitely possible!kid2

The solution to achieving a more organised home on a daily basis is to make some changes that don’t just suit you but are also tailored to your kids’ needs. To get you started, here are some organisational tips for you.

Avoid issuing commands

As parents, it’s easier for us to establish authority with our kids by commanding them to do things according to our standards. “Clean your room,” “Fix your things!” “Stop making such a mess!”… These are just some of the common phrases we hear ourselves say. Sometimes we don’t realise that we are doing it on a daily basis and the more we say these things, the more our kids ignore us until it feels like they just don’t listen to us anymore.

Honestly, while writing this article I am also speaking to myself because I am guilty of using commands with my kids too!

If we want our kids to listen, the best thing we can do is to partner with them. Instead of saying do this or do that, simply change your strategy and try to make it more interactive for them.

Go deeper

Let’s find the root of the problem. Let’s try to understand why there’s too much clutter. Maybe it has something to do with stuffed drawers, cabinets that are not child-friendly or too many outgrown toys that you need to get rid of. It’s also possible that storage is out of reach, which makes it hard for kids to put things back without help.

You have to get down to your child’s level and see things the way they do.

Slowly but surely

Don’t expect to organise everything in one day! You have to take one step at a time and make a plan. Start by sorting and purging, throwing out anything you don’t need anymore. Next, begin to store things according to how often you use them. For stuff that the kids use, make sure it’s within their reach.

Plan accordingly

Take your time to make a plan so you avoid spending money on things you don’t actually need. Make sure that you are done with sorting and purging before buying new cabinets or storage.

As parents we must establish partnerships with our kids to involve them with organising the home. Help them understand the importance of having a clean and organised home so they will not see it as an obligation or a tiring repetitive task but a family effort to make things easier for everyone.

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1 comment on “How to Organise your Home with Kids Around!”

  1. Sean Desilva Reply

    it’s so much nicer for both sides to be a partner and guide. Ever since I softened my voice and reminded my young cousins of the “tremendous benefits” of keeping their rooms clean, they actually look forward to seeing me when I come over 🙂

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