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Category Archives: ADHD Kids news

7 Questions That People Ask About ADHD

Understanding everything you can about ADHD makes it much easier to deal with – especially when it comes to talking to other people about it! There are still lots of people who don’t believe it’s real and they might try to catch you out by asking you awkward questions about it! The solution is to […]

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Book your place on the ADHD Kids Online Parenting Programme

Coming Soon: Online ADHD Parenting Programme!

I’m really excited to tell you I will be launching a unique ADHD Parenting Programme in just a few weeks’ time! As the parent of a young person with ADHD I know how difficult it can be to ask for help and advice. OK it can be difficult for anyone to ask for help – […]

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Accessing Services: The View from the Parent

You may recall that I mentioned attending the Cerebra annual conference and being invited to give the parents’ perspective of accessing services for children with complex needs and challenging behaviour. They’ve just sent me the video of my presentation, which you can see below. And if video is not your thing, or you’d rather read what […]

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BBC Wiltshire Interview, 25th October 2014

Prior to the ADHD Inspiration Day in Swindon I was interviewed by Graham Rogers for the BBC Wiltshire Saturday breakfast show.   (OK I’ll admit it – we actually prerecorded the interview a couple of days earlier! I’d have been far too busy to actually stop to do an interview on the day!

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ADHD Inspiration Day, Swindon – a big success!

The first ever ADHD Inspiration Day took place in Swindon on Saturday 25th October 2014 – and it was a massive success! Over 60 parents, carers and teaching staff came along for the day and heard from expert speakers in a number of areas.  My aim was to inspire and empower parents to better support their ADHD […]

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Cerebra Conference Review part 2: Children’s Rights

Last week I wrote the first part of a review of the Cerebra annual conference, held in London in October 2014. By far the best speaker at the event was Dr Maggie Atkinson, the Children’s Commissioner for England. The role of the Children’s Commissioner is to promote and protect the rights of children in England, and […]

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Cerebra Conference Review Part 1: Parents’ experiences of accessing services for challenging behaviour needs

Cerebra is an incredible charity that improves the lives of children with brain-related conditions, and their families, through research, education and support, and I was delighted to be invited to speak at their annual conference  in London last week. The conference was titled ‘Problem solving’: accessing decent services and support for children with complex needs and […]

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Time Management for ADHD Kids

Time management and organization is a struggle for many children with ADHD, as the deficit in working memory in particular can affect their understanding of how to sequence, organize, and prioritize. Setting up and maintaining routines can be quite difficult for them. So how can you help your ADHD child understand clocks and calendars and […]

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How to Explain ADHD to Your Child

How do you tell your child they have ADHD? Should you even let them know? It’s a tough question, and one that doesn’t really have a right or wrong answer. Some parents like to be really open with their kids, whereas others don’t like the idea that their child will feel different or “special”. However, […]

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