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Category Archives: About ADHD

ADHD: How it Affects Families

ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – usually brings with it a lot of frustration and blame. It can be difficult to get a diagnosis for your child and this can result in serious emotional and mental scars, both for your child and the wider family. When managed well, ADHD can be a gift, but […]

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Help Your ADHD Child Build Self-Esteem and Combat Negativity

Because children with ADHD show symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattentiveness, they are often reprimanded or “called out” for their behaviour more often compared to other kids of their age. In the home, parents might discipline an ADHD child more often because of inappropriate behaviour and as they get older, their siblings might also […]

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ADHD and Sleep Problems

One of the problem that many parents of ADHD kids face is getting their kids settled and off to sleep at night. Often the hyperactivity and impulsiveness that comes with ADHD creates sleep problems too. Staying asleep all through the night is rare, and the idea of an unbroken night’s sleep for parents is a […]

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ADHD and Food Sensitivities

Changing a child’s diet is one of the alternative approaches that some parents consider when trying to manage their child’s ADHD.  Certain foods can have significant effects on behaviour – increasing or decreasing the ADHD symptoms – so it can be useful for parents to think about whether their child is more sensitive to some […]

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