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Guest Blog Post: 5 Ugly Lies About ADHD – Which May Be True

Over the years, a lot of rumors have been spread about ADHD, otherwise known as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Some of these rumors have been exaggerated and many of them have been widely contested, especially by supporters of natural treatments for ADHD. However, the question remains, is it true? Is it true, what you have heard […]

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Guest Blog Post: Inattentive ADHD Treatment

Inattentive ADHD treatment should not be the same as the treatment for the other subtypes of ADHD. The symptoms of people with Inattentive ADHD (ADHD-PI) and Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT) are different and their response to stimulant medication is quite different. The treatment of ADHD-PI proves to be more difficult for some psychiatrist and psychologist […]

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ADHD: What is it?

Around 5-8% of children have ADHD and boys are three times more likely to be affected than girls. While many ADHD kids grow out of it – or more likely learn to cope with the symptoms – around 60% continue to be affected by ADHD into adulthood. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; it’s […]

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Famous People with ADHD

When your child is diagnosed with ADHD it can be a worry – and I know from experience that bringing up an ADHD kid isn’t easy! When my son was younger I really used to worry about his future – how on earth would he hold down a job when he couldn’t even settle down […]

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Promising News for ADHD Treatment

Last week I was honoured to be one of the guest speakers at the ADHD Foundation’s conference in Liverpool. Also on the bill was the Right Honourable Stephen Twigg, MP who is Shadow Secretary for Education. I was interested to hear what Stephen had to say about Labour’s attitude towards ADHD and special needs in general, and it all sounded very promising. Among […]

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ADHD and E Numbers

An extract from the book: I’d started noticing a link between the sweets and drinks that Daniel consumed and his behaviour, so food colourings were the next thing I looked at. The paediatrician agreed that artificial colourings had been linked to hyperactivity, aggression and poor concentration and he gave me a list of specific E-numbers […]

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Radio Documentary on ADHD

When I was studying for my degree I produced a half hour radio documentary on ADHD. It features interviews with top ADHD medical specialist, the founder of, an educational specialist, a special school and celebrity ADHDer Daniel Bedingfield. Please do bear in mind that this was a university project so the quality is not […]

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