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Online ADHD Parenting Course

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Would you like to feel more confident
about parenting your ADHD child?

If you would like to learn new strategies, challenge people’s perceptions of ADHD and create a more harmonious, peaceful home,
then sign up for this unique 8 week online ADHD parenting course.


Here’s what you’ll learn on the ADHD Parenting Course!

On this course here’s what I’ll show you:

Week 1: Coping with ADHD Behaviours
Week 2: Managing Your Stress Levels
Week 3: Supporting Your ADHD Child to Reach Their Potential
Week 4: How to Manage Anger, Aggression and Meltdowns
Week 5: ADHD and Other People – Siblings, Family and Outsiders
Week 6: Working with Schools
Week 7: Medication, Nutrition and Alternative Therapies
Week 8: Taking Care of Yourself

Just £99

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The course is a combination of articles, videos, audio, quizzes, journalling activities, worksheets and downloads, with something for everyone. There’s also a forum and Facebook group where you can get support from other parents.

Each week through the ADHD parenting course you’ll receive videos, articles, worksheets and activities to help you build your confidence, learn new skills and create a happier life for you, your child and your family. Plus you’ll get access to a private Facebook group where you can meet other parents, exchange stories and pick up new ideas.

Simply click the link below to find out more and secure your place on this ADHD parenting course.


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