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About ADHD Kids

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familyWho am I?

Hi, I’m Alison Thompson and I am the founder of ADHD Kids. I’m originally from London but I now live with my partner and grown-up kids in rural Wiltshire.

My son Daniel was diagnosed with ADHD when he was six, though I’d known there was something wrong long before then. As a baby he was fretful and never slept, and as a toddler he was constantly on the go, and was destructive, disruptive and easily distracted – he wasn’t called “Demolition Dan” for nothing! Daniel’s ADHD diagnosis came after his first school exclusion at the tender age of six; a second exclusion, and a police interview, followed four years later.

Those forty minutes in a police interview room, while Daniel was questioned on a potential assault charge, were possibly the worst moments of my life, but they were also a turning point. Daniel was assessed for a Statement of Educational Needs, given a place in special school and things have been much better since. We’ve had our blips and hiccups, of course, but now, at 17, Daniel is happy, healthy and facing a bright future.

What is ADHD Kids?

I’d always wanted to write a book about my experience of parenting a child with ADHD and in March 2013 The Boy From Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD was published. Following publication I was invited to speak at conferences and events and I loved telling the world about ADHD – but I wanted to do more!

So in 2014 I trained as an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach and founded ADHD Kids, where I am on a mission to:

  • support parents to help their ADHD kids overcome challenges and reach their full potential
  • help teachers understand what ADHD is and how they can best support ADHD kids in the classroom
  • dispel the myth that ADHD is not real …!

ADHD Kids offers support to parents in a number of ways:

How can you help?

Please join me and help me make a difference to the world! There are a number of ways you can help support families dealing with ADHD. You can:

  • Tell people about this website and the mission I’m embarking on
  • Buy my book
  • Invite me to speak at your event
  • Follow me on social media – links at the bottom of the page


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