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Choosing the Right Sports for Children with ADHD

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Children with ADHD face struggles that regular kids are not familiar with. In school they can often feel isolated because they are identified as something different and special – mostly in a negative way.

photo1Isolation is very common to children with ADHD but as parents and teachers, we can think of some ways to help them gain confidence and self esteem.

According to James McGough, a child psychiatrist, involving children with ADHD in athletic activities or sports can address this issue and help them to interact more with others and gain friends. So instead of kids playing alone or watching TV, sport is a great alternative to give them the confidence they need.

Aside from that, kids with ADHD often have too much energy so outdoor activities such as these help them to burn it off!

When choosing the right sport for your child, take into consideration their own interest. You cannot force them to play basketball if they are not interested because ADHD kids will only feel really motivated with activities they love to do; they’re far more likely to get easily distracted if they’re not into it.

Football, rugby and hockey can be good sports to try because there’s constant movement – plus being part of a team and following strict rules can work really well for kids with ADHD. Individual sports like swimming, trampolining and gymnastics are great too, as they involve clear structure while martial arts can teach them self control, discipline and respect.

What sports have you tried with your ADHD child? How did they get on? Do leave your experiences in the comments!

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3 comments on “Choosing the Right Sports for Children with ADHD”

  1. Stacy Reply

    My son is 5 and has ADHD along with anxiety. We are from the U.S. and he is signed up to play soccer. His therapist thinks it will be a great outlet for him. Can’t wait to see how he does. He is very excited!:)

  2. Emma Reply

    My son is 6 nearly 7, we are awaiting any diagnosis.
    Our concerns have been heightened through our son joining a football team. He gets angry when training or playing and does not listen to instruction. We are really struggling to decide what is best to do?

    • Alison Thompson Reply

      Children with ADHD often respond really well to organised team games as the structure and rules work well for them. However, all kids with ADHD are different … if your son is struggling to cope with football at present it might be worth trying something else, maybe a more individual sport like swimming or trampolining, and then come back to football at a later date.

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