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ADHD Feature on BBC Radio Five Live, June 2013

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fiveliveBack in June 2013 a big chunk of Victoria Derbyshire’s programme on BBC Five Live was taken up with a feature on ADHD. It started with audio of Jenny and her son Ryan, who is ten and has the condition. Listening to what was apparently a “good” day took me right back to the days when I really struggled with Daniel – I was almost in tears because everything sounded very familiar.

Jenny was interviewed as well as various listeners, including a woman who’d found homeopathy had “cured” her son’s ADHD, a woman diagnosed in her thirties, the parent of a newly diagnosed child, a couple of people with concerns about ADHD and school … and me! Yes, I phoned up hoping to give the book a plug – I was told I wasn’t allowed to mention it, but I was on air for a few minutes and was caught on the hop a bit when Victoria D came back to me to offer advice to another caller!!

Sadly the programme itself was a bit of a mish mash, with a long parliamentary segment in the middle plus various news flashes and weather and travel reports. However, I’ve taken the liberty of recording it and editing out all the unrelated stuff so you can hear the feature in its entirety.

It was very interesting, though a little negative – lots of doom and gloom – though hopefully I managed to put a happier spin on it!

My bit is at 22:45

Oh, and please excuse the occasional “ding” of an email arriving … I didn’t realise it would be recorded till I listened back to it all!

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