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Featured in Xchange Newsletter

Following the publication of a series of articles in SEN Magazine, I was asked if one of them could be used in Xchange, a newsletter for disabled children and their families in Dorset, Bournemouth, and Poole.

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ADHD: What is it?

Around 5-8% of children have ADHD and boys are three times more likely to be affected than girls. While many ADHD kids grow out of it – or more likely learn to cope with the symptoms – around 60% continue to be affected by ADHD into adulthood. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; it’s […]

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Famous People with ADHD

When your child is diagnosed with ADHD it can be a worry – and I know from experience that bringing up an ADHD kid isn’t easy! When my son was younger I really used to worry about his future – how on earth would he hold down a job when he couldn’t even settle down […]

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Promising News for ADHD Treatment

Last week I was honoured to be one of the guest speakers at the ADHD Foundation’s conference in Liverpool. Also on the bill was the Right Honourable Stephen Twigg, MP who is Shadow Secretary for Education. I was interested to hear what Stephen had to say about Labour’s attitude towards ADHD and special needs in general, and it all sounded very promising. Among […]

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ADHD and E Numbers

An extract from the book: I’d started noticing a link between the sweets and drinks that Daniel consumed and his behaviour, so food colourings were the next thing I looked at. The paediatrician agreed that artificial colourings had been linked to hyperactivity, aggression and poor concentration and he gave me a list of specific E-numbers […]

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Radio Documentary on ADHD

When I was studying for my degree I produced a half hour radio documentary on ADHD. It features interviews with top ADHD medical specialist, the founder of, an educational specialist, a special school and celebrity ADHDer Daniel Bedingfield. Please do bear in mind that this was a university project so the quality is not […]

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Exclusions guidance for children with special needs

An extract from the book: Exclusions guidance from the government suggests that as an early measure, moving a child to a different class can be a solution to problems. In Daniel’s case I believe a lot of his problems stemmed from the inability of the Year 1 teacher to get a firm hold on his […]

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Reward charts

An extract from the book: I never found that the traditional sticker-type reward charts worked with Daniel. I think he found it hard to visualise the chart full of stickers or the resulting reward so he didn’t see the point of trying to get the stickers in the first place. What we found did work […]

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ADHD medication – a tough decision

An extract from the book about ADHD medication: I was beginning to despair. We had a structured life at home with rules and boundaries and rewards and punishments, none of which seemed to make a difference. And I’d tried all the exclusion diets and supplements I could cope with.  I was ready for something else […]

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About ADHD in Children

An extract from the book: About ADHD in children: ADHD affects between 3% and 7% of school-age children and while the exact cause is not known, evidence points to it being a genetic, hereditary condition where the part of the brain that controls impulses doesn’t receive enough stimulation. In fact, research has found that in […]

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