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ADHD Parent Coaching

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alison-thompson-adhd-kidsParenting a child with ADHD is a challenge and often the battles you face can affect your confidence. Being told ADHD doesn’t exist, or your child is just naughty, or you are a bad parent (and I’ve been told all those things!) doesn’t help your self-esteem either. Yet dealing with medical and educational professionals, having the strength to say no to your child or managing the daily stresses of life are all easier to face when you are feeling confident! It’s a catch-22 situation … or is it?

I am an ADHD parent coach and I am here to help. I use a range of coaching  techniques and and NLP tools (using language to make positive changes to behaviour) to help you rebuild your confidence, overcome limiting beliefs and find the skills and strengths within you to tackle everything life throws at you. And because I am the parent of a child with ADHD myself I understand exactly what you’re dealing with and exactly how it feels. And the outcome? A happier life for you AND your child.

I offer one-to-one ADHD parent coaching face to face (from my home near Swindon, Wiltshire) or over the phone or by Skype (with or without video – your choice).

ADHD Parent Coaching can help you:

  • Manage stress
  • Build confidence
  • Develop your parenting skills
  • Understand and improve difficult relationships – with your partner, family members, teachers etc
  • Juggle all your commitments with ease
  • Explore your dreams, overcome challenges and set plans for the future
  • Discover new ways to balance life, work and family commitments
  • Learn how to separate your feelings for your child from your frustration with their ADHD
  • Prepare for meetings with schools, doctors and other professionals
  • Create a more peaceful household
  • Find new strategies for managing challenging behaviour
  • and much more …

Book Your First Session – Completely FREE!

When you’re considering ADHD parent coaching it’s vital you find a coach you can trust and feel comfortable with. For that reason I offer all clients a free telephone consultation with no obligation to book any further sessions. This first session will take around 30 minutes and during it we will discuss what coaching is and how it can help you. If you are interested in booking more sessions, we will also discuss costs.

Email me now or phone me on 01367 888229 to book your complimentary coaching session today!


Why choose me as your ADHD Parent Coach?

I’m a qualified life coach and NLP practitioner. NLP is all about using language to positively influence behaviour and emotional state. Combining NLP tools with the powerful questioning of coaching, I can help you set goals and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back.

I’m a full member of both the Association for Coaching and the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming. This means I qualified with an accredited trainer, and I have completed the required number of hours training and practice. Coaching is an unregulated industry, but by using someone who is a member of these organisations, you know you’re working with a quality coach.

Finally, I am the mum of a young man with ADHD. I know ADHD inside out, I’ve lived with it for the last 17 years, and I understand exactly what you’re going through. As well as using my coaching skills to help you, I can offer more advice and support than coaches who don’t have personal experience of ADHD.

To find out more about ADHD Parent Coaching or to book your free consultation please call me on 01367 888229 or email me.



I am a fully qualified Business & Life Coach and Full Member of the Association for Coaching, and a qualified NLP Practitioner. 


I also study in and around the areas of child psychology and ADHD and hold a GCSE in Child Psychology, as well as Coursera short course certificates in ADHD Through the Lifespan (University of Pennsylvania) and The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People (University of Edinburgh).



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