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ADHD Workshop for Teachers

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adhd workshop for teachersWould you like to understand more about what ADHD is and how you can manage ADHD in the classroom? My ADHD workshop for teachers explains what ADHD is and how it affects learning, and gives you practical tips for managing ADHD in the classroom. You’ll also get an insight into what life is like for the child who has ADHD – and their family.

Thanks again for your really useful and helpful talk.
Oakhurst Primary School, Swindon

Five percent of children have ADHD and it causes problems at school as well as at home. Children with ADHD have problems with attention and focus; they find starting and finishing tasks challenging. Working memory is a huge issue, and ADHD kids find it difficult to remember even the simplest instructions. They are also easily distracted by everything going on around them. The combination of these issues leads to frustration and children deal with it either by having meltdowns or retreating into their own world. In a class of 25 children this can, of course, be very difficult to manage. But there are strategies to make life easier for the child with ADHD, the teacher and the rest of the class.

The ADHD workshop for teachers lasts around 90 minutes and can be delivered to your teaching staff during INSET days or Twilight INSET sessions. This interactive workshop covers:

  • What ADHD is – the causes, symptoms and statistics
  • The parent’s experience of ADHD – an insight into what living with ADHD is, to develop greater understanding
  • ADHD challenges in the classroom
  • Strategies for managing ADHD behaviours and supporting learning

The workshop costs just £150 (plus travel expenses for schools further than 30 miles from Swindon). Please contact me for further details or to book.


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