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Guess the Connection between Justin Timberlake and Richard Branson …

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Louis Smith, Olympic silver medallist

Jamie Oliver
Daniel Bedingfield
Louis Smith
Justin Timberlake
Will Smith
Michael Phelps
Jim Carrey
Richard Branson

So what connects the eight names above …… yep, you’ve guessed it, they all have ADHD! In fact there are a huge number of famous people with ADHD, and there are plenty of names from history who certainly displayed ADHD behaviours, even if the condition wasn’t officially around at the time … including Dali, Mozart, Picasso and the Bronte sisters!

it just goes to prove that despite being a disability ADHD doesn’t mean you can’t make your life a success. In fact, if you can get a grip on your ADHD you can use that extra energy and focus to really drive your life forward in the areas that you’re passionate about.

Photo Jim Thurston on Flickr CC

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