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Category Archives: From the Boy from Hell Book

Why my book is called The Boy From Hell

Right, before I say anything else I want to get one thing straight. I love my kids and I would never do anything to hurt them – anything. So when I spotted a thread on Facebook talking about how I had ruined my son’s life by calling my book “The Boy From Hell” … well, […]

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ADHD and E Numbers

An extract from the book: I’d started noticing a link between the sweets and drinks that Daniel consumed and his behaviour, so food colourings were the next thing I looked at. The paediatrician agreed that artificial colourings had been linked to hyperactivity, aggression and poor concentration and he gave me a list of specific E-numbers […]

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Reward charts

An extract from the book: I never found that the traditional sticker-type reward charts worked with Daniel. I think he found it hard to visualise the chart full of stickers or the resulting reward so he didn’t see the point of trying to get the stickers in the first place. What we found did work […]

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ADHD medication – a tough decision

An extract from the book about ADHD medication: I was beginning to despair. We had a structured life at home with rules and boundaries and rewards and punishments, none of which seemed to make a difference. And I’d tried all the exclusion diets and supplements I could cope with.  I was ready for something else […]

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The Boy from Hell

Excerpt from the book Saturday 14th August 2001: Today has been a horrible, hateful day. Daniel has pushed me to my absolute wits’ end. Sometimes it really does feel like he is the original child from hell. I guess the first real signs that there was something “wrong” with Daniel showed when he was a toddler. He […]

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