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The Boy From Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD

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Book_02“This book is a must for anyone whose life has been touched by ADHD”
Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO, ADHD Foundation

My book “The Boy From Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD” was first self-published in April 2013, and republished in a fully updated second edition by Jessica Kingsley Publishing in February 2016, complete with a foreword by celebrity ADHDer Rory Bremner.

The book outlines the journey my son and I took together from initial concerns about his behaviour through school exclusions, diagnosis, medication and trouble with the police. Along the way it includes all the advice and strategies I’ve found effective as well as many useful resources.

The Boy from Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD covers:

Typical ADHD Behaviours Diagnosis & EHC Plans Disability Living Allowance
Mainstream Education Special School Exclusions and Tribunals
Tips and Techniques Medication and Diet Useful Resources
ADHD from the perspective of the parent, the sibling and the child


The book has been endorsed by The ADHD Foundation and my local support group, ADHD Oxfordshire, and has over 50 five star reviews on Amazon (and only one of them is by my mum!). It was also featured on BBC Oxford and Jack FM and my son and I appeared in the Channel Five programme Louis Smith: Living with ADHD, in which Daniel read an extract from the book.

The book is available from Amazon or you can also buy it from the publisher.


Reviews of The Boy From Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD

‘Alison’s story is both heart-breaking and inspiring… Her account will make you cry. But it may also make you laugh. Above all, it should make you realise that you’re not alone. With patience, understanding, professional help and perseverance, you can get through this, and life can get better.’

– from the foreword by Rory Bremner

“The Boy From Hell is an honest and very moving personal account of a parent’s experience of having a child with ADHD.  Alison Thompson has written a book that will be welcomed by any parent who is trying to understand their child’s ADHD and how best to support them.

A well researched, informative and accessible guide, full of practical tips for parents and professionals – especially teachers!

This book is a must for anyone whose life has been touched by ADHD.”

Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO, ADHD Foundation

“This book is fantastic, especially for parents. There were parts I thought, ‘Oh that sounds like our house.’ Daniel’s part made me cry, to think my own son will think that way too. I think every school in the country should have a copy too. Well done Alison. I will share it as much as I can.”

“The Boy from Hell is like a parents’ survival guide, offering private comfort and reassurance that it won’t always be like this, and though every battle may take you to the brink of exhaustion it will all be worth it in the end. Oh, and that a mother’s instinct about her beautiful yet challenging son is always right!”

Annemarie Main, mother of a child with ADHD

“Never again will I look at a parent struggling with a child having a tantrum in public and think “oh can’t you just get your child under control?” Because you never know, sometimes, they just can’t.”

“Daniel’s story is very readable and interspersed with really helpful tips and information. The way the ADHD criteria and the strategies the author has found helpful are related directly to the child we are reading about makes them all the easier to understand and the regulations around school exclusions and special needs provision are introduced easily into the narrative too. The book also includes an excellent selection of references and resources. This is a really worthwhile project and I will be recommending it to parents who contact us.”

Mary Austin, ADHD Oxfordshire

“Great read for any parent of a child with ADHD. I only wish there was more support available to parents instead of the stigma that people believe and label us all as bad parents with spoiled children. Well done to Alison for writing her story and sharing her most intimate details with us.”


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